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Kelly abandoned her traditional bank to join E&A Credit Union more than five years ago and has never looked back. She calls herself E&A's biggest fan and has been touched by the unbelievable banking experience in many areas of her life. From an emergency money transfer when her little one broke her leg, to a surprise birthday greeting at the drive thru, Kelly has experienced what unbelievable banking is all about and she loves it!
Donna has been a member of E&A Credit Union for 7 years and even stayed with the credit union when she moved more than 50 miles from the closest branch location. She appreciates the unbelievable convenience that E&A provides with its network of 28,000 surcharge-free ATMs and robust online banking system. Donna puts it best when she says, "using E&A's e-alerts and online banking have absolutely changed my life."
Amanda has a great life, but along the way she's encountered a few obstacles. Thankfully, she chose the right financial institution for the journey. We asked her to sum up her experience with E&A and she said, "It's very difficult to explain the E&A experience. It's like nothing I have ever experienced before. The best way I can describe it is, the type of compassion you would receive from your best friend!"
Nick is an employee of E&A Credit Union and lives the unbelievable banking experience everyday. He understands why members describe E&A as a fun place to bank because he knows it's a fun place to work. From local sponsorships, to community giveaways, to creative ways to engage members, Nick describes E&A as the "official sponsor of fun in the community!"
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What is unbelievable banking? It's not a concept, it's an experience, and it's like nothing you've
ever experienced before. It takes convenience, compassion and fun and creates something
unbelievable. It's the complete opposite of traditional banking. It's exceptional people,
empowered to do amazing things! And, it's something you can only experience at E&A Credit Union.
To understand unbelievable banking, you have to
experience it. Click on the profiles above to experience
unbelievable banking through actual member's eyes.
"My experience with E&A has renewed my faith in financial institutions"
"Using E&A's e-alerts and online banking have absolutely changed my life."
"Everyone at E&A has been very compassionate with my life"
"E&A Credit Union is the official sponsor of fun in the community!"
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Hear real E&A members describe their unbelievable banking
experience in their own words. It has changed peoples lives,
what will it do for you?
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Unbelievable banking isn't a concept, it's an experience.
And we're redefining traditional banking one experience at
a time.
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